Sports: the Straight Facade that Gay Teens don’t want Discovered.

The cover for most and the crime scene for others, Sports can really help or hurt you when life goes on. If you are a straight individual then you won’t need to worry because you wont be targeted for liking the person next to you unless you play in a CO-ED but for others its a different story, We have to face persecution after wretched persecution just because of who we are and our placement into the sport that we love to play.


In an article written by Huffington Post [Gay Voice] on Youth in Gym Class, there was more of a 50% of Students who did not feel comfortable in Gym class… But why is that? There are many reasons in fact that contribute to this which are, Dominance, ignorance, arrogance and “personal preferences”.

Dominance: in middle school and in a greater sense high school, mostly the men of the school drive to be the top dog and how do they do it; pick on the most vulnerable…the “faggots”. I have been this target and because of me not fighting against them, the “top dog” became the top dog… to the guys. But in my personal experience, they lose all respect from the women of the school since we gays get the female support most of the time. You lose so self confidence from the men but truly see who your friends are from the women; so it depends on how you look at the situation. But there’s another factor to this whole Top Dog situation which are their little followers and underlings. In order to get into the inner circle, the underlings follow the same action which then creates a group vs. individual complex where the worst things can happen. In this situation, it creates separation and it makes the victim feel unwanted and depressed and that is why most kids dont feel wanted in sporting activity because this hierarchy occurs causing most people to be hesitant to play any sports.

Then comes the arrogance which is the desire to show off what you got, and in school… it aint much. People have the perception that if they show off they can get whatever they want, which is true and that it how networking goes but in this situation it can backfire. Pushing a kid into a locker, making him pick up his own books when you shoved them down, this is not okay and most school environments accept this type of behavior but why. FEAR is the answer, because people dont want to become the victim, they just want to be left alone in that situation and not get involved. Why show off “what you got” because what you have there is you being an ass and not being respectful of other people and because of showing off, people are scared to be around you and there are these types of people in sports which makes the game less desirable to play. 

Ignorance, a trait picked up by other people and even family members. why would you be ignorant towards other people because when one is ignorant, they dont realize who they are being mean to because all they are doing is profiling the person and not seeings who they truly are. and that is not right. Ignorance is what i call “The friend cock block” because what they are doing is not accepting the person for personality and becoming their friend, but allowing the people to be profiled as LBBTQ(IA) and become bullied. 

Personal Preference is just being a total asshole and if desired, i could do another article on this subject because it is down right annoying how people can say, “Oh i dont like faggots, lets beat them up!”


In Sports, you work as a team and you get better, but some dont feel accepted into the team and get discouraged by this. Lets make an end to such an unacceptable behavior and love one another like brothers or sisters. 


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  1. Schramm00

    Very accurate, insightful post! It really felt frustrating in high school to see other gay kids get bullied for playing a sport. Looking at it from a logical perspective, they could be the best on the team. However, the offensive, inconsiderate treatment makes their sexuality more important than the cohesive teamwork needed to succeed on the field. It’s quite hypocritical and a reflection on the poor treatment of gays in high school.

    If you’re every interested in reading more homosexuality-themed posts, feel free to read my blog

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