Freedom is upon us, but at what cost?

Our time has come. The struggle and the participation everyone had given was well fought for because on the day, June 26, 2013, DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) has now died and Prop 8 was laid to rest. Marriage Equality for those in California was given and now that it has passed and the LGBTQ community is ecstatic about the news, we as a nation need to bring this pride and these rights to other states and other regions of not only the country but others as well.
There are only 13 states that allow gay marriage and most of the south does not allow it due to religious pretenses and personal beliefs and this is where the debate is halted to “What do we do now.” For only this explanation, I will act as the Jim Lehrer and produce both sides of the conversation and why we can’t truly get marriage equality without a Sexuality Civil War between the Hetero “Heroes” and Supportive “Soldiers” That families be separated among different values yielded by different generations.
This to me is what life would be if we forced someone else’s beliefs over another persons; the Debate starts now. On the viewpoint of my community, the LGBTQ people, i would always wholeheartedly say that everyone deserves the rights of everybody else and that whoever wants to get married should get married no matter what they got going on “down there.” However on the opposing side, They believe that what God put in the Bible is true and that is their belief. That right there is what makes the whole argument at a stand still because of three things; Beliefs/Perspectives, Quantity, and Rights.
These all tie in one sentence; Under the First Amendment, People can believe what they want to believe and if there are more people like them in the government then the legislation will lean towards that belief. One can not rule over an entire government without massive uproar and that is the reason why President Obama can’t pass a law that says EVERYONE DESERVES MARRIAGE EQUALITY because the civil war will occur.
I understand that it is not fair that straight people can marry but LGBTQ counterparts can not and i am completely on the side of everyone deserves the right to marry, however, people also have rights as well and when they mix beliefs and power, that’s where the arguments occur. This may sound super confusing and i am trying to make it sound as easy as possible, but when people have power and they mix it with their personal beliefs, that’s where corruption occurs and that is where personal benefits overcome the well being of the whole community.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely meaning”

John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902)

This quote is a perfect example of what i am trying to say which is, Put someone or multiple people in that position of power and they wont give people (who they hate) benefits and rights of the favored. It is not the Supreme Court or Obama’s Fault that the southerners cant get married, it is the legislation in those states that forbid such an action to occur and to me, it is appalling.

All in all, this document was based upon the Death of DOMA but also it is about a much bigger issue. People get upset due to the fact that not all 50 states dont give the right to gay marriage however it is only because of what they believe and i based my life on the belief that if you wanna believe whatever, then go believe. So we can not automatically change what people think and get it passed automatically but what we can do is help and motivate them to see what they can change in Legislation and pass the laws needed to make people happy. I bolded change because that is what we need to do in this world in order to make it better; CHANGE ❤


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